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Select Second Tuesdays of the month downtown San Jose Improv

The Magique-Bazaar

The Magique Bazaar includes a large cast of graceful dancers, variety acts,

beautiful birds and visual oddities, featuring the Illusions of Majinga the Magician with Magic Genii.

Come join our magical family for an evening of mystery, laughter, magic, spectacle, music and a variety of guest artists.  Experience the world of illusion with a truly charming master of sleight-of-hand and grand illusion - Majinga the Magician with Magic Genii.   Experience amazing transformations.  Witness the defiance of gravity with feats of levitation.  Delight in the skillful sleight of hand displayed in the manipulation of cards.  Whatever you see at the Magique Bazaar, it is sure to fill your mind with wonder and leave you enchanted by the clever, sharp, lightning fast wit of your host – Majinga the Magician.  Don’t miss a Bay Area favorite that audiences come back to see again and again.

Majinga the Magician and Magic Genii will amaze, astound, and enthrall you with impossible and pleasing feats of prestidigitation. Come see why Majinga’s a 12-time award winning champion of the art of illusion!