Lian Qi Bian

In Chinese, Bian means "change" and Lian means"face".  Qi, meaning "energy flow" is the third element of Lian Qi Bian- the Sorcerer.

Updating this art for the first time in 300 years, the Magique Bazaar is proud to debut Lian Qi Bian, the face-changing sorcerer. After 4 years of
intensive study and practice after a cultural exchange with China where Majinga the Magician and Magic Genii performed in 2005, they were proud to bring this classical and most secretive of arts to a new audience for the first time in the USA while giving great respect to the traditions of the splendor of China.


San Francisco Bian Lian

The Face-Changing Sorcerer

The Story of Chinese Face Changing